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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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crazy. >> i know, honestly, i just shut all of the curtains. don't want to see it. >> no. >> look outside, oh, don't go there. >> felt like we were in the dead of february, flight. >> yes. >> thankly, all long gong, just a memory at this point, i say good riddance, right? now there is rain to contend, with just in time for the phillies home opener. does it stick around? we saw the tarp out on the ballpark obviously, so there is still rain coming down here on storm scan3, it will continue to fall really for the next couple of hours. soap, as we continue to track this, what we are basically talking about here, guys, scattered showers throughout the course of the morning. and likely starting to taper off, just shortly after lunchtime. now there could still be a spotty shower around, in time for the actual first pitch, we will have that actual forecast for you throughout the show. but, throughout the day today, you have got pretty decent shot to see showers, tomorrow, it is a pretty high chance, as well, when our cold front comes through, but notice how the chances just totally drop off for wednesday, thursday, so, we're definitely looking
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ahead to some better weather down the pike here, for now, at least mild start to the day, right? 46 degrees, not terrible, it is chilly if you're out in this. you know, for a long extended period of time. but not as cold as your weekend was. we look forward in the eyewitness weather planner here, around the region, all of the resort towns, to up 60 degrees at the shore towns today, up in the poconos, be there showers around, as well, primarily again for first half of the day, 49 degrees at best the high, that's chilly rain there. and showers primarily this morning, as well, in philadelphia, though it is a lot more seasonable as we climb to about 63 degrees. certainly far cry from the 40's from the weekends, meisha. >> no doubt about it even though we might have some rain, 60s will feel nice. good morning, happy monday. katie talking about it little bit earlier. she mentioned it might be little slick out there. that's exactly what we are seeing right now. roadways are looking wet. take a look at this, this is an accident, the schuylkill eastbound, the ramps eastbound vine, right lane block, that vehicle facing the wrong direction, actually had a spin
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out, so letting you know that even though we're talking about warming temps, up to the 60s, still cold out there, it can make for some slick conditions, especially, because it is wet. so make note of this. this might slow you down little bit if it doesn't get cleared out of the way. but never nevertheless, servinga warning it can certainly be slippery. ninety-five, delaware county, you can see, moving in the northbound direction at 452, looking good. blue route near mid-county see moving in the southbound direction, looking great, actually, just few early risers out there on the blue route, looking good there. mass transit make sure to check your schedules on line, running new schedule on the regional rails. jim, back over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a sad morning for the cabrini college community after student dies over the weekend? "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live at the west conshohocken police department where there are still many questions about the death. jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. police here have not released much information about this death investigation just yet.
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and neither has cabrini college. the school, however, has released a statement saying it is sad ends to learn about the death of one of its students, its thoughts will be with the student's family today as police continue to investigate. neighbors watched as west conshohocken police investigated a death at this home on the 200 block of morehead avenue. >> there is at least four, five ambulances here, emt's, police everywhere, i don't get down the street this way. >> throughout the afternoon sunday police collected evan conducted interviews. sources say, a 22 year old college student was found unresponsive in this home. taken to the hospital, and pronounced dead. an autopsy will determine the cause. >> unexpected and i had never seen anything crazy going in this general area since i've been here. >> they just are just normal college kids, that are, you know, good kids. >> as the investigation unfolded, neighbors reflected on the group of student who live here, meanwhile, cabrini college released a statement saying the school had been
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informed. death of one of it student, but school officials say they've no other details at this time. they say their focus is on the student's family, and supporting the community through this lost. >> it is a nice neighborhood. we have great neighbors, and they are really the only college house, but this house has been, you know, they are nice kids. they don't cause a huge problem or anything. i've got tone know them. we helped shovel their cars out, very sweet, never disrespect you will, anything like that. >> now, police have not yet released the identity of the student who died over the weekends, and they are not yet commenting about a possible cause of death. that autopsy could be performed as early as today. for now, reporting live, west conshohocken, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> meanwhile, new this morning, car goes off south jersey highway and crashes into the woods. the car was north bound on route a five, near depford,
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just before midnight. new jersey state police tell "eyewitness news" it is unclear how or why it left the highway. the impact of the crash ejected the driver, leaving him in critical condition. one day after an s.u.v. slams into a bucks county home, police continue to look for the driver. >> early sunday morning, the suv hit tool shed, crossed the street, then hit this home on monroe avenue in bensalem. it is slammed into the front. house where barrett dave's wife was sleeping after a recent hospital stay. >> i thought i heard thunder. i thought i heard thunder, i heard a bill book, i heard a car, i heard running, like a generator. >> mrs. david is now back in the hospital recovering from stress. her husband says the home is not safe. >> well, it is time to play ball down at the bank. >> the phillies home opener starts at 3:00 this afternoon, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at citizens bank park, where the day is more than just about the
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ballgame. hey, pat? >> reporter: that is correct, jim and brooke, yes, 3:05 today, opening day here at citizens bank park, the phillies will take on the san diego padres, hopefully it warms up little bit. there is a stiff breeze coming through here, kind of chilly, but i'm sure once the sun comes out it, will warm up later on. interesting week, for the phillies, started zero and four, won couple of games against the mets up at city feel. we will tell but yesterday's game in just a second, but all starts when the us navy leap frog, the parachute team, jumps into citizens bank park, later on today, it is always a fun event watching these guys jump and they were here yesterday, and they did the same thing, they got ready for opening day bar a bush parachuting into the stadium. see that as they deliver the first balls for first pitch just before 3:05, so that's kind of cool thing to look for the to. also, yesterday, as we look back to yesterday's game up at city field against the new york mets, they took care of business. they beat matt harvey, one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, and would give up a
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run in the third, as freddie galvis had a sack fly, then later on herrera of the phillies would hit a two-run homerun, so things looking good for the phils offensively early on in yesterday's game against one of the best pitchers in baseball. little bit later on, in that game, the mets would tack on a couple of runs, two-run homerun, as you can hear, herrera there, then hit two-run homerun in the ninth the phils add another run, little insurance, they beat the mets by score of five-two. now, from wip, 94wip, paul jolovitz, he tells us what to look forward to this year with the philadelphia phillies. >> that's going to be fun, see a pharmacist tell popping kits out, developing major league, shall we don't know who they are yet. when they get here they will be the jimmy rollins' chase utley's if they can be anywhere near that successful, that's what we are looking
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forward to. >> if you come down here today there is a ton to do before first pitch. opening day block party begins at noon on citizens bank bank way with all sort every funk, gates open 12:35, see batting practice right after that. then at 2:13 on the dot phillies line up tenth street, will bring it into the park, make their grand entrance. then harry kalas' son, kane, will sing the national anthem, then of course little later after that at 3:05, first pitch of the phillies and the san diego padres opening things up here at citizens bank park, so it will be a fun day if you can get out here early, take off work, get the kids out of school, come down early hang out at the block party, come down for what should and very good baseball game. live at citizens bank park, pal gallen for "eyewitness news", jim, become? >> thanks, brooke and i will be headed down after the noon news, on our way, on our way. >> yes! >> a real hero will help kick off the philly's home opener today.
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philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett will throw out one of the ceremonial fish pitches before the game. you probably remember he survived being shot several times after getting ambushed in his car in west philadelphia back in january. >> also, before the first pitch, head to cbs philly. com for everything you need to know to get ready for the phils home opener. see how they're putting the finishing touches on the ballpark and get katie's updated forecast for the game. it is all right on the home page of >> well, property taxes are about to go up for some homeowners. >> who is paying moran what's behind the spike? >> plus former nfl player gunned down in what appears to be a case of road rage. the interesting connection between the superbowl champ and his suspected killer. >> and, a celebration ends in tragedy. when an explosion rips through a crowd temple. who is being blamed for this deadly blast when we come back.
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cyclists holding rally today at the university of delaware, in newark, it is part of their ride from connecticut to washington, to curb gun violence, following the sandy hook shooting. yesterday they made a stop at city hall and philadelphia. they join mayor jim kenney and other anti-gun violence groups. the cyclists want tighter federal firearms laws. now, kenny said he was disappointed when gun laws did not change, after the shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> children are hunting down children in our city. without the guns, all of you have is a fistfight. and we can recover from a broken nose or black eye, can't recover from a gunshot. >> the riders also want you to sign their petition for tougher restrictions on guns. 36,000 people have already signed. >> authorities in louisianna are trying to figure out what led a man to gun down former nfl star over the weekend. thirty-four year old will smith was shot and killed saturday following a road rage incident. >> the shooting suspect
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charged with second degree murder, don champion has the latest from new york. >> a black and yellow tribute now marks the spot where former new orleans saints defensive end, will smith, lost his life. >> no matter what the situation is, no one should ever pull a gun on somebody. >> smith and his wife rack he will were on their way home saturday night, when authorities say his mercedes suv was rearended by a hummer, police say after a verbal altercation the hummer driver, car del haze, pulled a gun, and shot smith to death. his wife, was shot in the leg. >> while this was an isolated incident, it is certainly tragic at every level and on all sides. >> haze's attorney maintains the situation started when his client's car was hit first. >> my client attempted to pursue that vehicle in an effort to get the license plate number and in an effort to report an accident. >> before the shooting smith had dinner with former saints teammate, pierre thomas, and former new orleans police
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department commander, billy saravalo. among officers named in a lawsuit haze filed against the city over the police involved shooting of his father in 2005. >> i think this is just wrong place at the wrong time. i mean, no way you can explain what happened. >> police still have not yet determined whether that incident had anything to do with saturday's tragedy. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". at least 106 people are dead after fireworks explode inside an indian temple. >> this morning employees of the company that supplied the fireworks are in police custody. >> terrifying, those fireworks were being stored inside for hindu celebration marking the end after festival. authorities had denied permits this year over safety concerns, but temple authorities reportedly went ahead with the fireworks. on top of the 106 people killed, more than 500 were
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hurt. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> the intelligence err is reporting today pennsylvania's denial to fund school construction and renovation will hit local property owners in the pocket. bucks county and eastern montgomery county district are being short-changed nearly $10 million. it is estimated that area home own letters have to cough up between 44 and $58 more in higher tax bills. >> in the burlington county times, an attempt to lure more businesses and keeping existing ones in place, in willingboro township could mean expanding where alcohol can be sold. right now township liquor license also limited to dining establishment, along route 130, that meets certain requirements, and a local gold club. >> and the delaware county daily times reporting that phillies female fans are among the most fateful. more than 40,000 philly fans are expected to greet the phils for their first home game of the team's 134 season today at citizens bank park,
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at least 40% of those fans are expected to be women. and that's a look at some of your newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> pretty cool stuff. >> indeed, indeed. >> females phillies fans, i like that. >> you've got your gear all ready? >> i'm ready. i'm going to get a phillies jersey today. >> also got to wear one of those fanatic crazy hats the girls had the nick purr too, where you have the phanatic? a good look. >> oh, going little too far here. >> no way, it is a good look. >> no. you know what went a good look? listen, i am looking, absolutely not happening, kate. >> i okay, fine, but that's what your christmas present will be, whether you like it or not. all right, let's take a look outside, guys, we have little weather to traffic right now. and that wet weather is very likely going to be with us for the next couple of hours. now, what you notice at this wider storm on storm scan, is that you have goss things starting to quiet down little built, little bit of driver weather as go back to the virginias, even kentucky, eventually what's over our area. soap, for now, still dodging
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generally light showers, but, you know, it is enough to put damper on phillies game, right? don't worry. it does look right now like this will be clearing out in time for first pitch. there may still and spotty shower around, but it is not going to be anything like what we are currently finding or what like tomorrow has up its she sleeve. jump to go 11:00 a.m., temperatures have chance to rebound here today, as well, but again, even by the time we hit 3:05-ish, may be spotty shower still on the area radar. see that? now, things do start to dry out briefly then the next cold front comes along. even overnight 2:00 a.m. starting to see more showers fire up on the radar, brunt of the front itself though comes through late morning, or into the early afternoon, looks like, some of the rain could definitely be heavy. so, definitely showers, but i would also allow it to have some heavy rain push through here, as women. then skies do start to clear out behind. that will so problem bye get in women son sunshine before tomorrow isn't said and done. meanwhile tomorrow watching for showers primarily this morning, 63 degrees, breezy
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obviously, later tonight dip down to 53 still showers popping up t happens later on tonight, under a lot of clouds, mild, only 53 degrees. tomorrow looks like the weather day of the next several, with the cold front coming through primarily in the morning, and then we look ahead to the next few days beyond that point, high pressure decides it will settle in it bodes well for the rest of the forecast, back in sunshine and temperatures getting the chance rebound shall meisha? >> good, i'm so happy to hear that that rain is moving out of the way. just have to get through today and tomorrow. good morning, happy monday to you. so this right here is where we had an accident. a spin out crash rather. just so you know ill point out, too, where this accident was, schuylkill eastbound ramp to eastbound vine, right lane block, but spin out, letting us know we do have wet roadways out, there they can be very slippery. even though we know temperatures are kind of going up little bit. doesn't matter overnight we can get some slick spots, kinds whatever we are seeing this morning, since cleared, great news for those of in you and around that area, being cleared, but just drive slowment take it easy out
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there, even with maybe even just little bit of wet roads, doesn't matter, it can cause major damage if you happen to spin out like the vehicle d schuylkill, the headlights moving in the eastbound direction past 202, looking good here, as you move in this direction. where i am kind of keeping my eye, moving in the eastbound direction, looking good, though, overall, the schuylkill basically anywhere i look this monday morning so far even though we we've tipped into the five, will hour now, looking pretty good. good news for those you have waking one us. ninety-five at cottman looking good, around the s curve, starting to see it heat up little bit. key can expect that in the 5:00 hour, couple every minutes this morning, wet roadways then upon day we can expect that, brooke, back over to you. >> flyers headed back to the playoffs first time in two years. >> well ' let you know when they start their quest for the stanley cup. >> he went along with the crowd ended up trashing the restaurant where he worksment we'll tell you how a phonecall convince the workers to pull
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and learn about a free trial offer at >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the boys of sum remember back in south philly. in just a few hours, citizens bank park will be packed for the phillies home opener. we will check in with pat gallen at the ballpark, in a few minutes, to see what fans can expect this season. in the sport news, the flyers are heading back to the playoffs and the sixers continue their front office shake up. >> lesley van arsdall has a look at this morning's top sport stories. >> as expected, the sixers named brian column angelo with the new president of basket bail operations replacing sam hinkie had resigned on wednesday, brian's dad, jerry, stepped down as chairman, who will be an advisor to team owner, josh harris. >> to the court, sixers fought home game of the season against the bucks, and in over
5:25 am
time, smith's floater came up short, as milwaukee handed the sixers their 70th lost of the year, 109-108 the final. >> to the flyers, final regular season game against the islanders, the game tied up in the second, michael, with the go ahead goal, orange and black beat the island earth, next up, game one of the playoffs against the caps thursday night in d.c. to baseball, the phillies wrapping up their series against the mets, six innings, herrera with the two run home or off matt harvey, phillies won their first game of the season. next up home opener later today against the padres, aaron nola will be stating. i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> villanova basketball star was honored for making the ultimate sacrifice for his country during world war ii. >> herman chuck the only jew in villanova's starting five when he helped lead the team to 19-two record in 1942. instead of going pro, he
5:26 am
joined the marines, and was one of the first to land in hero scream a the soldier suffered years of discrimination, before finally getting recognition over this weekend, he was honored at the jewish war veterans post 215. >> he was also a person that was not given the full respect in the service, but he was a hero of the war. many groups discriminated against all during our history of our country. >> in 2014drizin received presidential metal of honor, he died on the battlefield in 1945. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the phillies season open is her just a few hours away. >> a lot of fans are wondering who are these guys? >> do you know this guy? >> no. >> ryan howard? >> oh, i heard of his name. >> we put the fans to the test to see which players they recognized the most.
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plus: accusations of poor judgement and even cheating are part of the race for the white house, with new york's big primary coming up next week. i'm brian web in new york, that story is coming up. >> and the wet weather is out there today. it is out there tomorrow. so it is a wet start to the week. is there any sign of sunshine in our future? i'll have the answer for you coming up.
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>> we're live at the ballpark with the big question on the mine of many fans. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> and i'm jim donovan. we'll have a check of weather err and traffic in just a movement here's what you need to start your day, the morning minute. >> we could have been dead, by the grace of god we're still here. >> police in bensalem are still looking for the driver who smashed his car right into the front after house then got out and ran away. >> we could learn more today about the death of a local college student, 22 year old attending cabrini college found unresponsive of morehead avenue in a home. >> one life is over, another life is ruined. >> former nfl player, will smith, was shot and killed this weekend in a apparent act


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